Collection: Nyuntam copper enamel jewelry

Sanskrit for Minimalistic. 

Our new range is inspired from the concept of 'Less is more!' From being apt for the corporate look to being chunky enough for the evening party, this range is your best partner for your morning to evening look.

This range uses Copper enameling, the ancient technique of meenakari, (Persian: میناکاری). This is the process of painting and colouring the surfaces of metals and ceramic tiles through enameling, originating in Safavid Iran. 

The EkiBeki team upskills the Meenakari artisans we work with, to use the traditional processes to create designs that are relevant and suitable to our modern lifestyles. 

Handcrafted by artisans in Western Maharashtra, India, copper enamel wall plates uses the chips leftover after making of the tambat ali/ copper vessels, thus creating a circular economy. 

Every EkiBeki piece you buy goes to support the artisans and their livelihood. It also helps to keep one family retain the ancient lore, in danger of getting lost in the mass-produced machine made times we live in.