Essence of yesteryears, tailored for today

Eki [lang. marathi, \EY-ki\]: odd / unique / oneness / unity
Beki [lang. marathi, \BEY-ki\]: even / common / duality / diversity

True to our name, we achieve balance by bringing together things that have traditionally been perceived to be at odds with each other. Our aim is to revive the folk arts and crafts of India, help generate sustainable livelihoods for artisans, and help the artisans grow the community craft clusters in their natural habitat.

Every purchase you make goes to sustaining an artisan family across the country, slows the tide of migration to overpopulated cities and prevents the extinction of handmade skills in the machine made world of today

Using the ancient, opulent Meenakari techniques, we give the artisans a new channel for their art. Jewelery for every day living

What we do

Look around you and you might see an EkiBeki reinvented design that keeps alive the traditions. You may see the magic on a mural in one of the Starbucks stores we worked on, that reflects the traditions and the ethos of the location. Be it chikankari in the Lucknow Starbucks, or the tambat copper enamelled mural in Mumbai.  

It could even be your gratitude journal, handpainted to store your memories. Or the copper dog bowl for your fur baby. At EkiBeki, we help open the artisan’s world view, to keep their ancient knowledge relevant today

Remember, every purchase you make supports a family and stops the lore from dying out, helps generate sustainable livelihoods for artisans, contemporizing their creations. 

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