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Eki [lang. marathi, \EY-ki\]: odd / unique / oneness / unity
Beki [lang. marathi, \BEY-ki\]: even / common / duality / diversity

Our aim is to revive the folk arts and crafts of India, help generate sustainable livelihoods for artisans, and help the artisans grow the community craft clusters in their natural habitat.

Using the ancient, opulent Meenakari techniques, we give the artisans a new channel for their art. Jewelery for every day living

What we do:

Artisans engaged in traditional Indian crafts are struggling to survive due to absence of ready market. Many move to other occupations or migrate to cities where they lack dignity and are detached from their families and their society. On the other hand, consumers are denied the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of these traditional crafts. Ekibeki is a design driven social enterprise working with rural artisanal clusters which creates high quality contemporary products using traditional crafts.

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A limited edition inaugural collection of 6 exquisite, hand-painted artisan art plates that celebrate legacy of artisans. In collaboration with Creative Dignity & The Plated Project.

What's New With Us:


The Hand Painted Artisan Collection - A limited edition inaugural collection for Past.Present.Future - a collection of 6 exquisite, hand-painted artisan art plates, that celebrate traditional art forms and the legacy of artisans in collaboration with Creative Dignity & The Plated Project.

Every sale sponsors 10 meals for the artisan community while also generating income for them.

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  • Handcrafting wall plates and trinkets using old meenakari techniques, upskilling to modern aesthetics

    Meet our Artisans

    In a generation driven by consumerism, we have worked hard to take you one step closer to a world of handmade treasures that are revived and celebrate the traditions of India. Our artisans, hailing from a small village in Maharashtra have struggled but now are bringing these exquisite crafts right to your doorstep.

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  • Our Team

    EkiBeki is a social enterprise that specializes in preserving the rich craft and heritage of India. Our team comprises diverse individuals from different backgrounds who are using their skill sets to revive a dying art form & help artisans with sustaining a livelihood all while giving back to their community.

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  • Crafts we work with

    EkiBeki is a social enterprise focused on identification of dying crafts that are on the verge of extinction and revive them through design interventions, skill and capacity building, product development, market development and creating self-governing mechanisms

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  • Donate or Volunteer!

    Our journey has filled us with energy to make a difference in our society, to bring forth and celebrate unique and dying art forms. At Ekibeki, we love to welcome people who would like to give back to society -volunteers bring their own set of skills & talent to the table that can contribute and serve the community.

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