About Us

eki [lang. marathi, \EY-ki\]: odd / unique / oneness / unity
beki [lang. marathi, \BEY-ki\]: even / common / duality / diversity

True to our name, we achieve balance by bringing together things that have traditionally been perceived to be at odds with each other. Ekibeki also means oneness of interests, sentiments, pursuits among different groups or entities. Ekibeki is a social enterprise focused on identification of dying crafts and undertaking initiatives for their development and sustenance.

Ekibeki is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving, sustaining and growing the dying crafts of India.

We identify Indian crafts that are on the verge of extinction and revive them through design interventions, skill and capacity building, product development, market development and creating self-governing mechanisms; all of which eventually helping the artisans to sustain and grow their community clusters in their natural habitat. This cycle must be repeated for every craft, one at a time and needs empathy, patience and persistence.

Vishpala pp (2) Vishpala Naik Hundekari– is an Architect (VNIT, Nagpur -1996) & Furniture Designer (NID, Ahmedabad – 2001) with a passion for handicrafts and design. Her frequent exposure to the rich heritage of Indian arts & Crafts, as a child has shaped her later life as a design professional.

Vishpala has designed residential interiors for over 20 years and for the last 13 years she has been working with artisans in small villages across India.  She has used traditional crafts in modern urban interiors to give a new face to the traditional craft while creating an exclusive touch in the space so designed. She has worked extensively in the villages of India developing crafts based products for retail, exports and corporate gifting.

She founded the design firm Ekibeki in 2005, which is now a not for profit social enterprise which aims to preserve, rejuvenate and grow our rich craft heritage through awareness, design and market interventions.

Vishpala is a regular speaker at schools, colleges, corporate and industry body events on Indian crafts and Design.