Collection: Jewelry

Copper enameling is the ancient technique of meenakari,  (Persian: میناکاری). This is the process of painting and colouring the surfaces of metals and ceramic tiles through enameling, originating in Safavid Iran. 

What you see here is inspired by the same old ways and the knowledge that gets passed down the generations. The Ekibeki team encourages the Meenakari artisans we work with, to use the traditional processes to create designs that are relevant and suitable to our modern lifestyles.  

Introducing handcrafted copper enameling from Western Maharashtra, India, using the chips leftover after making of the tambat ali/ copper vessels, thus creating a circular economy. 

We also add Truna, the Golden Grass originally used for weaving baskets, now upskilled to a beautiful handwoven range of earrings and pendants