Crafts We Work With

  • Copper Enameling, Maharashtra

    An age-old craft of fusing glass onto the copper surface for color enrichment and lustre known as the art of "Meenakari" in hindi.

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  • Patachitra, Odisha

    Patachitra is known for its intricate details as well as mythological narratives and folktales inscribed in it.

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  • Ekibeki-golden-grass-odisha-artisans

    Golden Grass, Odisha

    Using locally grown all natural and eco-friendly wild grass and handcrafted by women artisans of Kendrapara.

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  • Gond, Madhya Pradesh

    Folk & tribal paintings depicting local flora and fauna, deities and urban culture through vibrant colors and fine line work.

  • Chitrakathi, Maharashtra

    Chitrakathi is an ancient folk tradition and a unique style of painting that is practised in Pinguli, a small village in the Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra.

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