What we do

Reviving, sustaining and growing dying crafts needs a holistic approach that recognizes the root causes of the decline in the first place and then finds contemporary solutions to these. The graphic below shows the vicious circle at play and the interventions needed to turn it into a virtuous cycle.ekibeki Model_white (002)

To achieve this we have designed five programs

Anubandh: Designer’s Collaborative- As a designer you can collaborate with our artisans to create your own master pieces

Yati: Craft Workshops- Workshops with artisans to get a hands on experience in Crafts

Krishti: Crafts Residency – A week long intense residential workshop where you spend time with the artisan and a mentor understanding and creating new products

Sandhi: Craft Instillation- Customised craft instillation for home or office. We will work with the artisans and help you see your concept coming to reality.

Samanvit: Corporate Program- We firmly believe that the corporates working with the artisans will complete the creative and professional circuit for each other making both sets well connected to the reality.