What are we working on

#returngifts #blackpottery #freshherbs our first delivery of the black pottery planters. Black Pottery is traditionally known Longpi Ham or the Royal Pottery, this craft finds its origin from the Thangkul Naga tribes of the Ukhrul district of Manipur, India. A major ingredient of this black ware pottery is hard serpentine rock which is mixed with a few other ingredients including clay and stone dust to form utilitarian stoneware, traditionally used for cooking. All the pottery is molded by hand, no potters’ wheels is used. This pottery can also be used directly on open fire and is micro-wave safe.


Brief:  Our goal is to develop a range of bar products, which are contemporary,  functional and uniquely Indian.

Aakanksha Kulkarni-  A product design student of MIT Institute of Design, Pune, worked on the bar accessories as her internship project at Ekibeki. Inspired by the Lotus, she designed this exquisite ice bucket in polished copper, paying homage to her roots.


Brief: to expand the product range of black pottery.

Vaidehi Shendre – an accessory design student of NIFT Mumbai has worked on the development of new products for Black pottery.
Here is a desk accessory comprising of a stationary holder, a mobile and pencil holder, sticky notes, cup holder/paper weight and a plant potter; the design of the product is kept simple and basic, one that will fit into any kind of space, the chic black color of the pottery in contrast with the light wood finish gives a very rich look. The items can either be used individually or in a set.

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