Vision & Mission

Vision: To revive dying art and craft in India

Mission: To identify traditional Indian crafts which are at the risk of extinction, revive them through design, skills and market interventions and build self-sustaining artisan clusters


  • To create awareness and to promote, support, understand and popularise Indian crafts and arts.
  • To empower artisans by motivating them to actively participate in the process of developing their professional and social skills.
  • To do cluster development by education and training of the artisans, developing new generation of skilled artisans who can sustain themselves through the arts and crafts and develop meaningful products for the current & next generation on a local as well as global platform.
  • To engage designers to work closely with the artisans to create contemporary product applications and product development suitable for export as well as local markets.
  • To Help the artisans commercialise by studying market trends, demand, price trends, capacity building and connecting them to the market through various agencies.
  • To create common facilities for training, design, testing, raw material and product display.
  • To build leaders who can help sustain the cluster without external help once the systems are established.
  • To translate, compile, collect, publish and lend any literature connected with the crafts.
  • To compare and study other crafts beyond India to find similarities and differences.
  • To stimulate interest in connected crafts through exhibitions and demonstration both in India and abroad and thus contribute to the promotion and growth of such crafts and artisans.

 Impact: To measure how many artisans have willingly joined the crafts sector, how many are able to sustain themselves purely by practicing the crafts.