At Ekibeki, we believe in working closely with our artisans to develop modernized & contemporary lifestyle accessories that match the current market trends and provide them with technical inputs for ensuring consistently high product quality.

One of our creative endeavors has led us to bring the craft to mainstream & collaborate with various local cafes like Starbucks etc. From contemporary wall murals featuring the art of enameling & intricate Brass engravings to designing one-of-a-kind residential interiors (paintings, wall accents etc) we have worked extensively in developing & sharing our passion for crafts with the country.

Some of our interesting projects include Murals featuring Gond paintings from Madhya Pradesh, Copper Enameled Tiles, Longpi black Pottery planters & more. Our unique craft-based products are also available for retail, exports and corporate gifting.


  • Copper enamelling

    The siren at Starbucks BKC, Mumbai

  • Handcrafted wall mural in Gond artwork in Starbucks cafe Bhopal India created by Ekibeki artisans

    Coffee botanicals in Gond art at Indore, Madhya Pradesh

  • Lippan Wall Mural

    Starbucks Cafe, Ahemdabad

  • Rogan Paintings depicting the coffee process

    Starbucks Cafe, Surat

  • Bagh wooden blocks used for printing at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

    Starbucks Cafe, Bagh, Madhya Pradesh

  • Lippan Wall Mural depicting the raking lines of drying coffee beans

    Starbucks Cafe, Ahemdabad

  • Handcrafted Phulkari wall mural in Starbucks cafe Ludhiana India created by Ekibeki artisans

    Phulkari hand embroidery panel

    Ludhiana, Punjab

  • Bagh hand block printing on handwoven Maheshwari fabric

    Starbucks Cafe, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

  • Handcrafted wall mural in chikankari in Starbucks cafe Lucknow India created by Ekibeki artisans

    Chikankari panels, Lucknow

    Starbucks Cafe, Lucknow